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With the rise of outdoor sports and leisure, with the special features of the textile degree of attention and demand is rising. With the foundation of the petrochemical industry, as well as man-made fiber raw material quality and continuous innovation, Taiwan's textile industry has been towards textile functionality and the direction of development of science and technology, and become a global powerhouse production of functional textiles, attracted international attention and attach importance to brand. According to the Japanese Chemical Fiber Association statistics, in 2013 Taiwan man-made fiber output ranked third in the world behind China and India. Taiwan With rich production experience, complete with critical mass of talent, and good relationships with important international brands long-term basis in the development of man-made fibers and more high-end features textiles. It is estimated that the global sports and outdoor brands used functional textiles, about 70% is supplied by Taiwanese companies.hollister outlet, Taiwan has a dominant position in the field of functional fabrics global supply chain partner of leading brands, to help Taiwan's textile industry to explore the international market, the Taiwan Textile Federation delegation to participate in each year more than 30 major international exhibitions, especially in the sports and outdoor with known exhibition, Taiwan Pavilion often is the first museum exhibition group. In the world's largest and most prestigious sporting goods exhibition - exhibition in Munich, Germany ISPOMUNICH example, Fu Mao, Confucianism Hung Hing mining and other companies have all been good, and the winners in the fierce competition fabric exhibition contest. As functional fabrics prospective trends bridge, ISPOMUNICH ISPOTEXTRENDS held annually to encourage exhibitors and industry to provide the latest products to an international jury of professional judges. Held in February this year ISPOTEXTRENDS, Taiwan's textile manufacturers were selected for each number and the number of selected products account for about one-third, showing that Taiwan companies resident in functional fabrics, touch, creativity, environmental protection and other aspects of sustainable global leader. According to preliminary investigations, the four-day exhibition period, about 2,300 buyers to visit the Taiwan Pavilion, exhibitors spot orders amounting to approximately $ 3,000,000, expected future orders amount up to $ 25 million. In addition, 8848Altitude, Arc'teryx, HellyHansen, Chiemsee, Millet,cheap hollister, MountainEquipment, J.Linderberg, Tenson and many other international brands also promised to come to Taiwan to attend the Taipei Innovative Textile Application Show (TITAS2015) will negotiate purchase. The United States is the world's largest consumer of outdoor leisure products market, held in Salt Lake City OutdoorRetailer (OR) Outdoor Trade Fair, held twice a year, divided into winter and summer exhibition show. Textile Federation after a hard summer show for many years, in recent years, but also a winter exhibition tour, and the display is expanding. Taiwan exhibitors last year a total of more than 40 groups swatches were elected to the Assembly to show the image area, fully demonstrates the international competitive advantage of Taiwan functional textiles. In January this year, organized by the OR Winter Show, a total of 29 textile industry and two public accounting 39 booths join the festivities, participated in both Taiwan's leading textile manufacturers manufacturers, including: Far Eastern New Century, Li Peng, Xue Changxing, South Asia, Fu Tai, large systems, Shinkong Textile, Zig Sheng and other companies. High-quality supply chain vendors gathered to play a strong leader publicity, attracted buyers to visit the Taiwan Pavilion, and successfully set a "search technology and product innovation will visit the Taiwan Pavilion" image. According to the survey, the current exhibition, nearly 500 buyers visited the scene of orders estimated $ 300,000, the follow-up will create about $ 7 million opportunities. Attract TheNorthFace, Abercrombie & Fitch, PoloRalphLauren, FOX, Frank & Oak, Yummie, OutdoorCap, ARIAT, SecondSkin on behalf of other brands to find the latest products during the exhibition.hollister sale, In general, functional textiles with the "see, touch them, used to know" feature, buyers and consumers is not easy to identify product quality directly from the product appearance and feel, can not lead to the marketing of such products to promote the full show it has the functionality. Therefore, the Taiwan Textile Federation will actively planning since 2000, and the promotion of Taiwan Functional Textiles (TaiwanFunctionalTextiles, TFT) validation service, there are currently 20 functional textile certification standards. Where the validation of the industry, the Textile Federation can apply for certification marks, the functional textiles has completed verification mark registered in China and Taiwan, the United States, EU, Japan and Vietnam, Textile Federation will also focus on international Marketing validation of functional textiles, to further assist the industry to develop the international market.